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A proven strategy that WORKS

Lets face it… working Online from home is something we’d all like to do.
because you could work when you want and from wherever you want, also the % of people who are striving to work from home is continually increasing (One In Five Americans Work From Home).
-  The good thing about this kind of work is: "it takes a little bit money to start and you can have a very big rewards."
-  But the question is : How and from Where start your own online business and what is the secret to making it take off?

You've probably heard of various ways to ‘make money online’ before, with the likes of Facebook, eBay, Twitter,YouTube channels, Blogging, and Forex appearing in most recommendations. But the issue with most of these methods is they only really work for the more advanced customer.

Today we wanted to shine the light on a method with proven success stories, and most importantly a systems that can be used by anyone; yes anyone, even you who you think that you have no skills at all for making money online.

So; Want to work from home and make money online? Then listen up:

Niche Marketing:
A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment. For example, sports channels like STAR Sports, ESPN, STAR Cricket, and Fox Sports target a niche of sports enthusiasts. from Wikipedia

pros of niche MKG:

-  You face Less competition when choosing a Niche(segment).
-  It allows you to focus on a particular niche of the market and get more profits from it.
-  You can look as an expert in one niche, while you need lot of experience to look professional and expert in huge market.
-  Less visitors, but high conversion rate (from visitor to customer) because the visitors you get are target and related with the content of your site.

Over the past few years, Google Sniper has helped ‘regular’ people work from home and make money online. With over 100,000 past customers, and the most success stories you’ll ever find online, we tested out the system to see what the fuss was about.
With easy to follow training manuals, videos, monthly webinars and 1 on 1 support, the system has been set up for success.

The method? Spending a few hours a day building small ‘Sniper’ sites and following a secret formula that easily ranks them in Google. As people search and find your sites through Google, you make money through recommending related products and making a commission (money) from each sale.

I’m just scratching the surface here though, but I wanted to give you an insight into how it works.

Want to work from home? Then making money online is the obvious option. Want to know how? Then click here (Noting to lose, it's 60 days money back guarantees)

The Most Proven System For Making A Full Time Income Online

By Beno ThePhotographer → Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello, it's Beno Ibrahim from "Guide of Blogger"; so in one of the previous posts, we see 10 best free blogging services that allow you to start your own blog after an easy subscription and few clicks to customize it.
One from them was the best blogging service; it's a blog publishing-service provide by the big company in the web
This blog service have a deep history, it's lunched in 1990 by Pyra labs, for the goal of make it easy to create a blog without knowing HTML or any other programming language.
After the quick successful of this blog service, numbers of new blogs created each day increase so the company change this blog service from free to paid for it can support the hosting.
Google company in that time was lunch it advertising service (adwords) and it was look for solution to increase owners of websites/blogs because it was want more advertisers, so it bought blogger in 2003 and turn it to free blog service again.
From that moment Google begin develop this blog service to make it easy to use and flexible till it become the best blogging service (for free).
See here a post that compares Wordpress blog service (free version) with Blogger<link>.

The history of best blogging service since 2003 till our days

Like we said Google bought the blog service blogger in 2003:
The First step Google made is turn this blog service to a free web service, and host it at a subdomain ( that’s why any blog you create at Blogger have this domain name "".
Google also allow the option of use Blogger in other host service (as blog publishing platform) and even have your own domain name (paid option) in place of
Also Google add to Blogger the option of share content via email, and add more gadgets (Boxes have specific jobs like gather emails via subscriber form or show latest posts …), while the big change in life of Blogger " best blogging service " was : Allow the Blogger Interface in many languages (French, Germany, Russian, Arabic … not just English).

Development of the best blogging service "" from 2007

The free blog service "Blogger" go out from beta version and announced that is an official service (same as, and YouTube…). adds to blogger the feature of "label organization", and the feature of drag and drop template editing interface (that's make the customization of blogger template really easy and done with few clicks by the mouse, and no knowledge for programming languages.

In 1à anniversary celebration (2009) Google add to the best blogging service

  • Option of location to posts (Ex: you write a post about specific Zoo, so you can add a place via geotagging feature) that's mean that your post will show automatically in search engines for any user search about that specific Zoo.
  • Feature of Auto publishing by time/day (ex: write your article and mention that you want the blog service Blogger to publish it after a week, so it will be publishing automatically)
  • New toolbar by Google aesthetics.
  • New free blogger templates are available and redesign "template post editing" (more flexible than its processor)

Integration that you can do to the best blogging service blogger

you can integrate many features and services with the best blogging service for make your work easy as:
  • Microsoft word: allow you to write posts using your computer and Microsoft word, then save it as draft or publish it from Microsoft word to your blog service without login to it.
  • Windows live writer, is an software for write content, easy to use and flexible, it's provide by Windows, and have same feature as Microsoft words, just download this software, install it, then add your blog URL and Password and begin share content via your computer without login to Your blog service.
  • AdSense: the easy way to monetize your blog via ads.
  • Amazon affiliate programs: the best blogging service allow more options to monetize your blog and get more revenue, by adding Amazon affiliates gadgets
  • Optional integrate with Google + (be the author of your blog): you can link your Blog with your Google plus account, like that your picture will show in SERP (search engine result page).
  • Google + comment can be integrated with blogger comments:You can add to Blogger a New Comments style (it's Google+ comment) that looks more beautiful than the standard one.
-Google plus comments in blogger-
see how to implement Google plus comments to blogger<link>

Relation of Mobile device  with best blog service

Google lunch Mobile applications for smart phones under (IOS and android operating system) for "edit, share, save as draft" posts also add images and link via your smart phone.
Not just smart phones, Google allow the option of add content to via SMS and MMS from old phones.

Limitation of Blogger the free blog publishing service

We said that Blogger is best blogging service for free, but Of course there is limitation for any web services even if it is paid, so here we will list top limitation that matter for this specific blog publishing service from Google.
  • Blog description: set to 500 characters per post.
  • Labels: they are used for order your content under specific categories (labels), so you can add 5,000 unique label for each blog.
  • Numbers of blogs: Google allow you to have a account after sing up in Gmail or Google services, so for one Blogger account you can create till 100 blogs (everyone have specific URL and title).
  • Pictures: After you own Google account, (it's really easy, see this post: how to sing up to Google) you get 15 free gigabyte of storage for (Gmail, Google drive and Google + also Blogger).
  • Standalone pages: the best blogging service Blogger allow you to create posts, also you can create pages as (Contact as page – about us – archives …), so you have limit of 20 standalone pages per blog.
  • Team member: the blog service give you the option of add people (writers) for product content with you, so you have for one blog 100 invitation.
  • Support: because the free blog service is one of the earliest blog publishing tools, you can found huge sites and forum that talk about how to use it, and give you solution for every problem you face (for free), also Google provide support service via "Blogger Product Forum".

Why is Best Blogging service for free

This blog service is really Good (it's enough to said that it was paid in the past), and Free (thanks to Google), also easy to use, available in most languages and countries, flexible and Seo friendly (Google search engine love blogs created at because it's their web blog service).
I love blog service "Blogger", because you can own AdSense account so easy (create Free blog at and add 10 unique posts and you done, Google AdSense will accept you), and enjoy making money online, also it's help people who dream to become an internet marketer or work from home to begin their career for free (they need just to work hard) and by time they get their first checks from Google AdSense and invest that money in other online project.
Google allow lot of free template, and you can found more templates (free/paid) in different sites around the web.
See top Sites for download free blogger templates<link>.

So after all this (History – features – limitation – opportunity …) I can say that is the best Blogging service for free, it can be even better than much paid blog services around the web.

I decide to help people who are interesting in working from home to begin their free online small business, and in this blog series you can found all what you need from zero till you make your first 1$ from internet.

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Lesson 1 See why Blogger is the best blogging service

By Beno ThePhotographer → Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello, in this post we will talk about SEO or Search engines optimization or optimize your site/blog for get free traffic or organic traffic, all this mean SEO.
As an internet marketer, your shop is your blog/site, and for make it look good and attract visitors and turn them to customers you need to put good content from side of value and also SEO, it's mean that you give value for readers while give search engines what they need for make their job (their job: send you traffic that you need (target traffic)).

Introduction to Search engine optimization (seo):

When the web begin, few people was curious enough to learn basic html and write static sites, and they was promote their sites via magazines and newspaper (offline promotion), so who visit this sites is just someone who know the URL (address of site as By time numbers of sites increase, and newspaper wasn’t able to cover all this, and users of internet increase also, so Search engines come to life, but they was really simple system, it was based In calculate words in article, and the word who repeated so much is the categories of the site (like example: word of Football repeated so much, so the article and site talk about football, so this sites will show in SERP (Search engine result page) for any user search about FOOTBAL.
Old Search engines as AltaVista was send huge sites to Users, and it's the users who look between all the results searching about a good site.
A new company come to life, and lunches the biggest search engine in life of web, its, and put more than 200 criteria for classified sites, that’s mean that the site who show in SERP ,in page one, and position one, is really relevant and provide huge value for user.
In simple words, search engines optimization (SEO) is adapt your site to this 200 criteria, mean also (make your site win love of search engines)

search engine optimization tips ,ON PAGE SEO:

SEO ON PAGE are all techniques that you do for make your blog/site better from inside, its cover optimization of Content and HTML code, and make it seo friendly.

OFF page SEO:

SEO OFF PAGE cover all techniques that you do for make your blog/site better from outside as reputation and popularity.

Seo strategy:

The two famous Seo strategies are white seo and black seo, and all have the same goal, it's rank high your blog/site, while Black seo make you using bad methods and techniques who will put you under penalty if Search engines catch you and know about that.
The best search engines optimization Seo methods is to follow advice of Google and be honesty as much as you can, work hard, provide more content, and be patience.

In my opinion, search engines optimization Seo is the key for successful online, whatever was your goal, make money online or just have a good site/blog online, because it's give life to it (web traffic) when you be sleeping, when you be in vacation , this mean 24/24 hours and 7/7 days.

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search engine optimization tips - SEO

By Beno ThePhotographer → Friday, July 18, 2014

In this post we will see one of the good methods for making money online fast by providing web services.

Introduction to web services

The idea of Web service is simple; you know how to manage Microsoft word (document and word processing software), or you already learn about search engine optimization and you can analyze SEO of website/blog and optimize it, Or you learn programming language as HTML /CSS/PHP and you can change the look of any site, or You have experience with web hosting …
The list of web services that you can provide can be very long, it's all depend of what you learn in past, and if you learn noting, you can take a week or 15 days and choose something that make you happy when you do it (edit documents – Seo – marketing –MySQL database…) then study it, and after that write in detail the web service that you can provide.
I know a friend who learn for a week via YouTube how to use Latex (software for build documents), and now he provide a really simple but good web service, it's build CV (curriculum vitae) for 5$ (isn't simple!), and he got 2 to 3 demands a day, that's mean 15$ a day, it's a fast way to make money online.
Other friend take course in Seo (free courses via internet), then he build a little blog talk about SEO and it's important for a site/blog, and how it can be a really good investment for a site/blog because it result in more visitors, so more customers, Then he begin send emails to websites/Blogs owners and ask them to let him do consultation to their sites/blogs for 20$ (small site).
He doing really good now and he get more experience and he even up the price and work with big sites/blogs.
Every site want more traffic, and want information about its competitors like from where they bring their traffic and how?, so you can get a good money by providing this kind of information to your customers, believe me every owner of site/blog will pay you for getting that information if your price is low and the information that you provide are valuable.

I don't have any ideas of any web service i can provide:


It's Easy, i will help you in getting a huge number of ideas, just go to (it's a workplace where people share things they are willing to do for 5$ and up) and see more than 100.000 web services, listed by real people (as you, they work from home) from all over the world, take 30 min for search the web service that you can allow , then go study little about it, and after that back to fiver and list your web service, or build a free site/blog who talk about it, and drive customers to it from forums and YouTube and …
Learn more about free method to drive traffics<link>
Your customers are any people face a problem, and your web service gives solution to that specific problem.
Good luck in your way in making money online, if you have any question, put it in comment, i will be happy to answer you.

Some ideas about web services:

web hosting services
web service design
web security service (check security of site/blog)
design web security service
seo consultation
logo design

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Make money online by Provide web services

By Beno ThePhotographer → Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello, in that post we will speak about one of the most important pillars for being a successful internet marketer, and get a respectful number of money every month => it's Getting Free website traffic from various free sources.
So it's don't matter how much your content is great and helpful or your service is good and have low price near your competitors, if you get no traffic (no visitors to your blog/site).
Buy traffic can be expansive for beginners in internet marketing, and it's not easy because it's need to deal with lot of statistics, so that's why it's really necessary to know free web traffic generator methods.

Top free Internet traffic (search engines):

The first step from you while trying to make money online, is to create free blog or site at free blog services, then add valuable content who is well writing, but the problem is that your blog sit in a server (server=powerful computer), in somewhere in the world, and no human know about it except you !!!
So there is two way for let peoples found you:
The first one is via search engines, so you send a request to top search engines<link> as Google and Bing, asking them to come and index your site for show it in SERP (search engine result page), like that you can be found by users who search different things via Search engines.
Like that you get a free web traffic without spending any $, but you need to write Seo content<link> ( mean it's contain keywords).

Second method its website promotion:

I call it manual method for bring free website traffic, all you need to do is: write article that describe your blog/site or your service and contain a link to your site in the end of it, than go to Forums.
Forums are Big sites contain lot of categories, so go there and choose the right category of your business, then add a post that you already write, and if someone from user like your post, he/she follow the link and come to your site.
You can also go to sites/blogs who have same niche as you, and comment under their post, while letting your URL (example of url, WWW.MYBLOG.COM) , just do your best for add value to that sites/blogs, not just let you URL because it's look as spam and your comment will be remove.
Also you can answer question at Yahoo answer (question in your niche), while put your blog/site URL as source link.

how to increase website traffic

if you are not happy about number of visitors you get each day, and you want to increase it here is a simple method:
you can increase your free web traffic by web analysis software that allow you to measure your audience and give you full site traffic statistics like:
-which keywords bring more visitors, like that you can write more articles about it, and close keywords to it.
-which link or site send more visitor, like that you can make more links from that site to yours.
-which articles receive no traffic or low traffic, so you can optimize it using SEO strategies.

I hope you get a clear idea about free website traffic methods, so focus in one method, then jump to another, because if you try all of them, no one will works for you, I always suggest beginners to begin learning SEO <link>and put a massive effort in writing SEO optimized articles<link> for benefice from traffic of search engines.

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Benefice from Free website traffic for your blog

By Beno ThePhotographer →

content writing is a powerful skill that any internet marketer need to know, whatever if he/she is a beginner or a pro, it’s allow you at first get more website traffic to your free or paid blog/site, and get their trust (traffic) while providing a valuable and structured content, so let’s see Top tips for a well writing web copy.

1- make your web copy personal

Remember that you write for your audience, so always imagine that you speak with them, mean all who read your web content feel like you talk to him/her and you try to help.

2- get straight to the point while writing content

Time of your audience is valuable, and they come to your blog/site for found a solution to their problems, so go straight to the point, and avoide long paragraph (just if it is necessary)=> give just the important when you writing content.
Its truth that search engines loves content, but remember that you write for your audience first, so the good length for an article is up of 300 words and under 1000 words.

3- use strong calls to action while writing web copy

you don’t writing web copy just for help your audience, it's also about get their attention to your products/services, so here come call to action.
it’s about telling your audience what you want them to do, as click here, or contact as for more information …, and call to action can be in bottom of the text or in sidebar or even inside the article.
So think deeply in what you want your audience to do while reading the post or after finish it, then use strong call to action for get a good convert rate from you site/blog
Remember always ask to get, that mean you get noting if you don't ask, also remember that call to action is a really powerful tips in content writing for push your business to successful.
Like example: you want conversion rate optimization for email subscribers, so in end of articles, ask your readers if they love this article, and call them to subscribe to your newsletter for stay update and don't miss any one of your future posts.

4- Avoid jargon and industry specific term is important in content writing for a website

In many industry there are terms who just you and people who have same work as you can understand it, so if someone from your audience is new in that niche, he can't understand what you mean or what you want to say, so he just close your site and go to your competitors sites and that’s what you don't want it to happen.
So in content writing for a website always explain any new word you use like example (SEO: search engine optimization) for your audience can clearly understand the rest of the paragraph, or don't use that Terms if you can.
So keep the text simple and clear as much as you can.

5- Present a problem and a solution is a strong strategy in writing web copy

Always structure your web copy as show the problem and it's influence, then propose a solution and how it's solve that problem, then you can list results after solving that problem, then finish the web copy by strong call to action, like [what you wait! Ask XYZ product now it's 10% off for limited time] if you have a company that provide solution for specific problem, or just [subscribe with us via email, it’s free for get more solution ].
Point number five is really important and I resume it in this points for you can remember it:
Present problem
Show how your company can result that problem and how it can help
List the benefits
Show your customers why they need invest time and money for use your service or solution.
And finally include strong call to action.
Hope you enjoy reading that article, and more important, you learn useful strategy about writing content. see this article about seo content writing<link>
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five top tips for effective blog content writing

By Beno ThePhotographer →

Maybe you ask: why he talk about Advertising networks? while we want ways to make money online for free ?
The answer is yes, you can make money now online for free, and you don't need to do any advertise at advertising networks, while you need This networks for monetize your blog/site; ahhh yeah and here is how it happen.

All Advertise network have two doors for joint them.

Door for lazy and rich (or pro internet marketer Advertiser):

Pro internet marketer joint Advertising networks as Advertiser, mean give money for advertise to their site/blog in different places around the web (Forum,sites,blog…).
So the question is: How this advertising network have access to that Sites:Blog/forums?.
Here is the secret, it's the second door:

Second Door for who work hard (new to world of making money online for free as Publisher):

This type of people makes Free Blog/sites at free blog services, or do a little invest for make a blog on wordpress by buying a hosting and a beautiful theme at and provide Content as much as they can for get visitors, so after see number of visitors increase (at less 100 a day) they go to knock the back door of advertising networks, and ask them to put Ads (an advertisement) in their sites/blog for pay them after every click from their blog/site to Sites/sale page/squeeze page … of publishers.

The idea of Advertising network is simple

It's just gather between publisher and advertiser , advertiser pay after get visitors, and publisher get paid after send visitors from their sites. (isn't simple!)
As a beginner to internet marketing, and while you have no products to sale or promote (affiliate marketing), you need joint top advertising networks for monetize your site and make a small budget for jump to next level in your career as internet marketer who make money from working at home.

I suggest every Beginner, who want make money online using free services, to create blog (as and subscribe at the biggest and most trusted advertising network it's Google adsense.
They accepts quick all Blog at for support their service (, all you need is to set up a free blog and write at less 10 unique articles (if articles aren't unique, you will be rejected) , then go subscribe at Google adsense and begin make money as a publisher (isn't easy?)
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Make money online with Top advertising networks

By Beno ThePhotographer → Wednesday, July 16, 2014