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By Beno ThePhotographer → Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello, it's Beno Ibrahim from "Guide of Blogger"; so in one of the previous posts, we see 10 best free blogging services that allow you to start your own blog after an easy subscription and few clicks to customize it.
One from them was the best blogging service Blogger.com; it's a blog publishing-service provide by the big company in the web Google.com.
This blog service have a deep history, it's lunched in 1990 by Pyra labs, for the goal of make it easy to create a blog without knowing HTML or any other programming language.
After the quick successful of this blog service, numbers of new blogs created each day increase so the company change this blog service from free to paid for it can support the hosting.
Google company in that time was lunch it advertising service (adwords) and it was look for solution to increase owners of websites/blogs because it was want more advertisers, so it bought blogger in 2003 and turn it to free blog service again.
From that moment Google begin develop this blog service to make it easy to use and flexible till it become the best blogging service (for free).
See here a post that compares Wordpress blog service (free version) with Blogger<link>.

The history of best blogging service blogger.com since 2003 till our days

Like we said Google bought the blog service blogger in 2003:
The First step Google made is turn this blog service to a free web service, and host it at a subdomain (.blogspot.com) that’s why any blog you create at Blogger have this domain name "Yourblogname.blogspot.com".
Google also allow the option of use Blogger in other host service (as blog publishing platform) and even have your own domain name (paid option) in place of .blogspot.com.
Also Google add to Blogger the option of share content via email, and add more gadgets (Boxes have specific jobs like gather emails via subscriber form or show latest posts …), while the big change in life of Blogger " best blogging service " was : Allow the Blogger Interface in many languages (French, Germany, Russian, Arabic … not just English).

Development of the best blogging service "Blogger.com" from 2007

The free blog service "Blogger" go out from beta version and announced that Blogger.com is an official service (same as Gmail.com, and YouTube…).
Google.com adds to blogger the feature of "label organization", and the feature of drag and drop template editing interface (that's make the customization of blogger template really easy and done with few clicks by the mouse, and no knowledge for programming languages.

In 1à anniversary celebration (2009) Google add to the best blogging service

  • Option of location to posts (Ex: you write a post about specific Zoo, so you can add a place via geotagging feature) that's mean that your post will show automatically in search engines for any user search about that specific Zoo.
  • Feature of Auto publishing by time/day (ex: write your article and mention that you want the blog service Blogger to publish it after a week, so it will be publishing automatically)
  • New toolbar by Google aesthetics.
  • New free blogger templates are available and redesign "template post editing" (more flexible than its processor)

Integration that you can do to the best blogging service blogger

you can integrate many features and services with the best blogging service Blogger.com for make your work easy as:
  • Microsoft word: allow you to write posts using your computer and Microsoft word, then save it as draft or publish it from Microsoft word to your blog service without login to it.
  • Windows live writer, is an software for write content, easy to use and flexible, it's provide by Windows, and have same feature as Microsoft words, just download this software, install it, then add your blog URL and Password and begin share content via your computer without login to Your blog service.
  • AdSense: the easy way to monetize your blog via ads.
  • Amazon affiliate programs: the best blogging service Blogger.com allow more options to monetize your blog and get more revenue, by adding Amazon affiliates gadgets
  • Optional integrate with Google + (be the author of your blog): you can link your Blog with your Google plus account, like that your picture will show in SERP (search engine result page).
  • Google + comment can be integrated with blogger comments:You can add to Blogger a New Comments style (it's Google+ comment) that looks more beautiful than the standard one.
-Google plus comments in blogger-
see how to implement Google plus comments to blogger<link>

Relation of Mobile device  with best blog service

Google lunch Mobile applications for smart phones under (IOS and android operating system) for "edit, share, save as draft" posts also add images and link via your smart phone.
Not just smart phones, Google allow the option of add content to Blogger.com via SMS and MMS from old phones.

Limitation of Blogger the free blog publishing service

We said that Blogger is best blogging service for free, but Of course there is limitation for any web services even if it is paid, so here we will list top limitation that matter for this specific blog publishing service from Google.
  • Blog description: set to 500 characters per post.
  • Labels: they are used for order your content under specific categories (labels), so you can add 5,000 unique label for each blog.
  • Numbers of blogs: Google allow you to have a Blogger.com account after sing up in Gmail or Google services, so for one Blogger account you can create till 100 blogs (everyone have specific URL and title).
  • Pictures: After you own Google account, (it's really easy, see this post: how to sing up to Google) you get 15 free gigabyte of storage for (Gmail, Google drive and Google + also Blogger).
  • Standalone pages: the best blogging service Blogger allow you to create posts, also you can create pages as (Contact as page – about us – archives …), so you have limit of 20 standalone pages per blog.
  • Team member: the blog service Blogger.com give you the option of add people (writers) for product content with you, so you have for one blog 100 invitation.
  • Support: because the free blog service Blogger.com is one of the earliest blog publishing tools, you can found huge sites and forum that talk about how to use it, and give you solution for every problem you face (for free), also Google provide support service via "Blogger Product Forum".

Why Blogger.com is Best Blogging service for free

This blog service is really Good (it's enough to said that it was paid in the past), and Free (thanks to Google), also easy to use, available in most languages and countries, flexible and Seo friendly (Google search engine love blogs created at Blogger.com because it's their web blog service).
I love blog service "Blogger", because you can own AdSense account so easy (create Free blog at blogger.com and add 10 unique posts and you done, Google AdSense will accept you), and enjoy making money online, also it's help people who dream to become an internet marketer or work from home to begin their career for free (they need just to work hard) and by time they get their first checks from Google AdSense and invest that money in other online project.
Google allow lot of free template, and you can found more templates (free/paid) in different sites around the web.
See top Sites for download free blogger templates<link>.

So after all this (History – features – limitation – opportunity …) I can say that Blogger.com is the best Blogging service for free, it can be even better than much paid blog services around the web.

I decide to help people who are interesting in working from home to begin their free online small business, and in this blog series you can found all what you need from zero till you make your first 1$ from internet.

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