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By Beno ThePhotographer → Thursday, July 17, 2014

In this post we will see one of the good methods for making money online fast by providing web services.

Introduction to web services

The idea of Web service is simple; you know how to manage Microsoft word (document and word processing software), or you already learn about search engine optimization and you can analyze SEO of website/blog and optimize it, Or you learn programming language as HTML /CSS/PHP and you can change the look of any site, or You have experience with web hosting …
The list of web services that you can provide can be very long, it's all depend of what you learn in past, and if you learn noting, you can take a week or 15 days and choose something that make you happy when you do it (edit documents – Seo – marketing –MySQL database…) then study it, and after that write in detail the web service that you can provide.
I know a friend who learn for a week via YouTube how to use Latex (software for build documents), and now he provide a really simple but good web service, it's build CV (curriculum vitae) for 5$ (isn't simple!), and he got 2 to 3 demands a day, that's mean 15$ a day, it's a fast way to make money online.
Other friend take course in Seo (free courses via internet), then he build a little blog talk about SEO and it's important for a site/blog, and how it can be a really good investment for a site/blog because it result in more visitors, so more customers, Then he begin send emails to websites/Blogs owners and ask them to let him do consultation to their sites/blogs for 20$ (small site).
He doing really good now and he get more experience and he even up the price and work with big sites/blogs.
Every site want more traffic, and want information about its competitors like from where they bring their traffic and how?, so you can get a good money by providing this kind of information to your customers, believe me every owner of site/blog will pay you for getting that information if your price is low and the information that you provide are valuable.

I don't have any ideas of any web service i can provide:


It's Easy, i will help you in getting a huge number of ideas, just go to (it's a workplace where people share things they are willing to do for 5$ and up) and see more than 100.000 web services, listed by real people (as you, they work from home) from all over the world, take 30 min for search the web service that you can allow , then go study little about it, and after that back to fiver and list your web service, or build a free site/blog who talk about it, and drive customers to it from forums and YouTube and …
Learn more about free method to drive traffics<link>
Your customers are any people face a problem, and your web service gives solution to that specific problem.
Good luck in your way in making money online, if you have any question, put it in comment, i will be happy to answer you.

Some ideas about web services:

web hosting services
web service design
web security service (check security of site/blog)
design web security service
seo consultation
logo design

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